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Therapy from the Friendly therapist

I offer private, one-to-one Person Centred Therapy (PCT) from my narrowboat moored near Liverpool.

I offer therapy over the phone or face-to-face home visits if you’re local to me.

If you are looking for therapy for yourself, you can contact me directly using my contact page.

The main purpose of person centred therapy is to support our ability to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

This style of therapy helps with your personal growth by allowing you to explore and develop your

own strengths and personal identity.

It can also be used as a great tool if you are already on a self-healing journey.

As someone who lives with an inflammatory bowel disease I think it’s important to support others who are struggling. My IBD page has more info on this.

Mental health is such an overlooked area when it comes to this disease and I believe that if we
can reduce stress and anxiety in our lives we can improve our symptoms.