Counselling can be a life-changing experience!

My style of counselling, which is called person centred, will help you understand your issues by growing your self-awareness.

It worries me when people see it as the last resort, or that they’re not struggling enough to have it.

Getting therapy isn’t being weak, in fact it’s the complete opposite! It’s taking the first step to regaining control of your life. It’s empowering and helps build confidence.

Everybody has problems but the way we deal with them is very different.

One healthy way is accessing therapy like counselling and meditation. You can used these as tools to help work through your problems and start moving forward.

How to know if counselling will work for you?

If you relate to any of the below then it’s a good sign that my therapy will help you.

1. You always feel low.
You might be ok carrying on day-to-day and feel like you’re plodding along but you know that something is bringing your mood down and you can’t shake it off.

2. You become your own worst enemy.
You often end up doing something mindless to avoid thinking about tasks, people, or memories? Like drinking too much, binging TV or always on Facebook.

3. You don’t feel like you are yourself.
Do you feel like a different person around your friends? That disconnect, which feels like having different masks for people, is a sign that you may not feel in-touch with yourself. Therapy could help you find and express your true self.

4. You struggle with relationships.
Do you keep friends or family at a distance? This can relate to trust and self-esteem stopping you from being able to connect with people.

5. You over think and analyse everything.
Are you constantly worrying about the future, or thinking about the past? This can lead to anxiety and increased stress levels.

At the end of the day, seeking therapy is a way to become a better version of yourself. I honestly believe that we all have it in us to become the best we can be and person centred therapy is a good way of achieving it.

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